Is a Green Living Sustainable in the City?

More than half of the population in most countries today lives in urban areas. The number is increasing by the day. Considering the rate of pollution in the cities, a sustainable lifestyle is now a matter of urgency. How possible is it to maintain a green lifestyle in a metropolis? How can city dwellers save Mother Nature?

No Need to go National

Sustainable living is not always a state-level agenda. Municipals have more power in this area and are probably underutilizing it. For instance, county leaders should introduce smart meters and encourage the use of hydrogen fuel.

Townsfolk to Switch to Greener Transport

Most greenhouse gas emissions come from regular vehicles. Switching to electronic vehicles can reduce these impacts to a greater extent. Depending on the infrastructure of the city, more people should be using bikes and public transport or even walk. Mass action can reduce emissions, reduce lifestyle diseases, and save energy.

More Parks

Green parks provide free entertainment areas in addition to spectacular views of a city. The sight, crowds, smells, and hooting of vehicles can be overwhelming in a metropolitan area. Someone is running around trying to catch a ticket while another is rushing to fulfill an order. That is why city parks are created to provide an environment from such commotions. The trees offer a cooling counterbalance for the hot air circulating in town. Flowers and plants are like oases to rejuvenate our souls. More parks should be created to help people escape the noise and clear their minds.

Every city dweller should play part in conserving the environment and saving energy. There are many ways to do it at home. A simple habit like switching off unneeded lights is a sustainable move. Recycling carpets and toothbrushes is another great practice. It is easier to decide once we are aware of the danger we expose ourselves to when we don’t care for nature. Lastly, leaders should be thinking of the next thing to make a city greener.

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