Greenest Countries on Earth

Environmentalists are always striving towards making the earth greener. This has not been very easy, considering that most policymakers tend to focus on projects that seem to be economically rewarding. However, these priorities come with some risks. But some nations have been working hard to keep their ecosystems green. Here are some of the greenest countries other nations should learn from.


With an environmental performance index of 93.5, Iceland is one of the best examples you will find when looking for a green nation. Known to have some of the best geothermal landscapes, the power used in this nation is entirely from renewable energy (geothermal). It has also pioneered massive developments aimed at keeping their ocean waters clean.


Second on our list, Switzerland boasts of an environmental protection index of 89. Their success is largely linked to the policies and investments aimed at protecting the environment. Their reliance on renewable energy sources has also been instrumental in promoting their green economy.

Costa Rica

Known for its fantastic scenery and intriguing landscapes, Costa Rica enjoys an environmental protection index of 86.4. This country has put strict laws aimed at curbing all manner of pollution. Combined with its reliance on renewable energy, Costa Rica aims to be the first carbon-neutral nation.

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