Famous Green City Parks Around the World

Most of the air pollution takes place in cities world over due to industrialisation. Green parks are areas reserved by various governments to help create fresh air and spaces for people to relax during the day or at night. Researchers have found that green parks have enormous health benefits, though the majority of urban dwellers worldwide lack access to them. Some of the countries with green parks include the following.

United States Parks

The United States has over 23,000 parks in its 100 cities. These parks include Griffith Park in Los Angeles, Falls Park in South Dakota, City Park in New Orleans and others.

City Parks in Canada

There are great parks in Canada and some of the largest in the world too. North Saskatchewan River Valley Parks System is one of the largest parks here. It covers 7,284 hectares with the North Saskatchewan River banks lining along the park. For the fitness junkies, such parks offer a perfect platform to showcase your favourite activewear such as that found at aimn.co.nz while burning those extra calories and keeping fit.

City Parks in France

France prides itself on having as many as 400 parks in Paris alone. They comprise of both ancient and modern parks some dating as back as fae as the 17th century. Some of the great parks in Paris include Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes, and Jardin Anne- Frank among others.

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