The Pros of Tidal Energy

The global potential for tidal energy is vast. Currently, tidal power generation is in its generation stages, but feasibility studies indicate that it could add close to 700 TWh to the grid. The focus on renewable energy sources means that tidal energy is an essential tenet in making the earth greener. Here are some advantages of tidal energy.


One of the main benefits of tidal energy is that it is a renewable energy source. This source of energy is derived from the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon, combined with the earth’s rotation around its axis. What makes tidal energy renewable is that it is from natural sources that will not cease to exist.


Tidal power is good for the environment. Besides being a renewable energy source, tidal energy sources do not emit gases or by-products that can harm the environment. Moreover, tidal sources do not take up lots of space.

Long Lifespan

Tidal power sources have an extensive lifespan. The tidal barrage power plant La Rance, for instance, has been consistently supplying power from 1966 to date. The long lifespan makes tidal energy highly competitive and reliable.

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